2016 Winners

And the winners for 2016 are…



First Place, Hanbee Lee, West HS

Second Place, Yuna Tae, Torrance HS

Third Place, Hayley Hokanson, West HS

Honorable Mention, Phoebe Kim, North HS



First Place, Miguelangel Perez, Shery HS

Second Place, Marshall Elias, Torrance HS

Third Place, Jason Lee, South HS

Honorable Mention, Shane Wolf, South HS



First Place, Zhaoli Yin, Torrance HS

Second Place, Leslie Morales, SoCal ROC



First Place, Amanda Chai, South HS



First Place, Zachary Luis (West HS), Noelle Soto (South HS)

Second Place, Shayla Escudero, North HS

Third Place, Anna Lee, West HS

Honorable Mention, Shashank Coorapati (West HS), Emily Garcia (North HS), Melina Hilbert (North HS)



First Place, Reiko Yoshizawa, West HS

Second Place, Sydney Guinchard (South HS), Talha Siddiqui (North HS)

Third Place, Chelsea Ha, North HS

Honorable Mention, Shamaree Lewis (North HS), Kelli Nakamura (Torrance HS), Nhulan Pham (North HS)



First Place, Nicole Petersen (North HS), Noah Wittman (North HS)

Second Place, Lauryn Ishida (North HS), Zachary Luis (West HS)

Third Place, Shendey Casas (North HS), Pranit Mohnot (West HS)

Honorable Mention, Evan Abrahams (North HS), Umar Ansari (West HS), Cindy Barrios (North HS), Balpreet Kaur (North HS), Marelyna Martin (North HS),  Steven Nguyen (North HS), Jacob Wong (North HS)