2018 Winners

And the winners for 2018 are…

Fine Art
First Place, Anika Dua, South High School
Second Place, Ariana Marquez, Torrance High School
Third Place, Esther Shin, West High School
Honorable Mentions: Alana Tran, West High School, Abel Herrera, Shery High School


First Place, Yuichiro Okano, South High School

Computer Graphics

First Place, Leslie Lopez, SoCal ROC
Second Place, Kameki Morris, SoCal ROC
Third Place, Ava Uema, SoCal ROC

Short Story

First Place, Benjamin Quang, North High School
Second Place (tie), Suzan Hui and Anirudh Eranki, West High School
Third Place, Emily Hurtado, North High School
Honorable Mention: Camille De La Mora, North High School


First Place, Anoushka Gupta, West High School
Second Place (tie), Jonathan Machuca, North High, Natalie Titiriga, South High School
Third Place (tie), Tommy Siping and Alexis Mellin, North High School
Honorable Mentions: Ethan Verderber, West High School, Kelli Nakamura, Torrance High School, Cristian Barry and Anthony Fisher, South High School


First Place, Sharallene Tunupopo, North High School
Second Place, Rachelle Rosiles, North High School
Third Place, Cora Hesson, South High School
Honorable Mentions: Ryan Scrooc and Da Na (Donna) Kim, South High School, Mary Faith Cabilin, West High School, Tyler DaRocha, North High School, Christine Lee, Torrance High School

Winners and Contest featured on Torrance CitiCABLE’s “This Week in Torrance” at 11:30 mark.

Some photos from the Visions of Unity Awards Ceremony: