2020 Winners

Digital Art:                   First Place, Ariana Marquez, Torrance High School

Fine Art:                First Place, Daylan Perkins, Shery High School

                                   Second Place, Sophia Doerge, West High School

                                    Third Place, Lauren Ha, West High School

Photography:               First Place,  Sophia Wang, South High School

                                    Second Place, Trevor Baldwin, Torrance High School

                                    Third Place,  Dillan Rovegno, South High School

                                    Honorable Mention, Lilith Weeks-Young, South High School

Sculpture:                    First Place, Chaturika Bandara, West High School

                                    Second Place, Krishaun Graves, Torrance High School

Short Story:                  First Place, Cynthia Ge, West High School

                                    Second Place, Jason Jitsiripol, North High School

                                    Third Places, Kelly Nguyen, North High School, Nita O’Malley, South High School

                                    Honorable Mention, Suzan Hui, West High School, Ethan Ha, South High School

Essay:                          First Place, Maria Angela Macalalag, North High School

                                    Second Places, Sohaib Butt, North High School, Alyssa Mirabal, North High School

                                    Third Places, Nicholas Sperling, North High School, Anoushka Gupta, West High School

                                    Honorable Mention, Mary Sasso, Salaidh Perez, Lilianna Adame, North High School,                                                        Jennifer Lau, South High School, Minh Nguyen, Brian Pham, North High School

Poetry:                         First Place,  Khushi Kumra, West High School

                                    Second Place, Giselle Pamintuan, North High School

                                    Third Place,  Lauren Amezquita-Quintas, North High School

                                    Honorable Mentions, Zain Mohammad, North High, Shua Cho, California Academy of Mathematics and Science, Catherine Wan, South High, Sharallene Tunupopo, Casey Kwak, Grayson Abrahams, Youssef Bebawy, Danniel Sarate, Amtul Malik, Journey Hall, North High School