2011 Winners

In the 11 years of the Visions of Unity student arts contest for Torrance Schools, 333 students have been recognized for exceptional use of creativity to communicate and express ideals in a way that broadens minds and touches hearts. Over $22,000 in awards have been provided by supportive community donors and presented to the winners.

The following high schools are represented by student winners: North High 120, South High 90, West High 63, Torrance High 47, Shery High 7, SoCal ROC 5, and Bishop Montgomery 1.

The contest organizers wish to thank the outstanding teachers who have encouraged their students to reflect on their role in resolving critical community issues, to artistically express their unique ideas and ideals, and to take initiative in enhancing unity among diverse groups within their community.

2011 Visions of Unity Anthology contains all the winning poetry, essay, and short story entries from 2011


First Place, Aliza Le, Torrance High School

First Place, Rachel Tice, South High School
Second Place, Savanah Wernick, South High School

First Place, Soodam Lee, South High School
Second Place, June Tong, West High School
Third Place, Joseph Jung, South High School

Computer Art:
First Place, Amanda Shields, SoCal ROC
Second Place, Alejandro Gonzalez, SoCal ROC
Third Place, Brandon Fernandez, SoCal ROC

Short Stories:
First Place, Ethan Faneuff, West High School
Second Place, Jahangir Ashraf, West High School
Third Place, Rica Feng, West High School

Honorable Mention
Scott Shima, Steven Kawamoto, Ben (Dong Min) Kim, Emily Fang, West High School, Natalie Vela, North High School

First Place (tie), Justine Esmino, West High School
First Place (tie), Andrew Hwang, West High School

Second Place (tie), Matthew Jones, Torrance High School
Second Place (tie), Kellie Kodama, North High School

Third Place (tie), Wudhidham Rachumsri, West High School
Third Place (tie), Angela Bang, North High School

Honorable Mention
Giacomo Casanova, John Villalona, Russell Hirata, Sara Valdez, Brittanni Burress, Daely Simons, North High School, Hun Chang, South High School, Miles Blum, West High School

First Place, Scott Hascupt, West High School
Second Place, Michael Whiteside, West High School
Third Place, Jong Woo, North High School

Honorable Mention
Timothy Le, North High School